Prime United Company provides construction engineering, design, and project management services for residential and commercial properties in Kuwait. Our understanding and experience in business development will be helpful for meeting all requirements by client and local regulation, and also optimizing the return on investment for any project.

Thanks to our problem-solving skills and attention to detail, we are able to manage complex projects and reduce financial risk for the client. Our approach for construction and design management fits for new types of buildings, extensions and even refurbishments.

The Prime United Company’s expertise is profitable for all types of properties: apartments, villas, chalets, offices and commercial complexes. Our services and our experience give us in-depth knowledge to face successfully each stage of a construction or business project.

Our aim is to increase considerably the quality of life of anyone. Indeed the building, whatever it is a chalet of business office, it has to be practical: the reorganization of space makes easier the traffic in each room, with less effort you do better your tasks. The improvement of the design enhances the experience of the building: the combination of different materials, the shapes and colors deliver an incredible new value.

We manage each stage and coordinate the work by respecting deadlines and financial budget. For business projects our methodology respects the corporate image and costs’ optimization. With our approach and techniques we add an innovative touch to the project, and even after years the building keeps a trendsetter aspect. Functional, the design and architectural conception increase the work’s efficiency for companies; it also contributes to enhance the corporate image and is a profitable investment.