As an expert in construction and real estate, Prime United Company can manage the budget affected to your construction project and optimize your financial performances. Indeed this sector changes very quickly, and having up-to-date information plus knowing perfectly the rules in that field is a must. By transferring the financial management of the operations to Prime United Company, on one hand your company can focus on its core business and on the other save precious time and money.

Our understanding of the risk related to the construction field and our years of experience lead us to provide the best practices that optimize your financial requirements, by respecting the deadlines. Through our unique approach with each client, we share constantly information and discuss on the planning of the operations. As a consequence, our methodology goes directly to the point and each step is approved by the client. Moreover, our client knows what we expect from its project regarding its financial aspect and what are the major key performance indicators to guarantee the success of the project management.

Finally, we monitor the right progress of the operations regarding our financial estimations and local laws. Each project has its own identity, that is why we consider the concept of the project, its added value, the return on investment for stakeholders and its viability in a long-term perspective.

For real estate owners, developers, managers, commercial office or retail properties, or for any construction general contractor, residential developer or manager, Prime United Company provides the solutions matching with your requirements.

Concerning high-value projects, as for example commercial retail complex, our partners in financial control and business development consultancy provide their expertise to optimize the potential of the project and reduce the risk level.

Building a villa, a chalet or a residential complex is often seen as a secure way of investment. For this kind of projects Prime United Company delivers its expertise to meet all requirements and optimizes return on investment.