In order to obtain the best solutions and results, that requires upstream a high level of information: indeed the right information is at the core of planning a project. The entire environment in which the project will be put in place has to be considered. That is why at Prime United Company we assist the clients in identifying the opportunities offered by the market in Kuwait: a strategical location, the economical situation of a sector, or new local regulation are parameters we highly pay attention.

The combination of the expertise of our staff and our professional network leads us to provide relevant information to the clients. Moreover our communication on regular basis with local authorities in Kuwait gives us the necessary elements to anticipate and take right decisions for our clients’ project.

Basically our methodology is focused on:

  • a market analysis, by listing the opportunities offered regarding the targeted location and considering the global environment (economical, political, regulation, logistics, organization), the potential of prospective partners or suppliers, the development of the market (trends, features)
  • a location research, by identifying the specification of an area, its strengths and also weaknesses, the cost of a land, and in how it can be easily exploited.

Promptly and depending the level of complexity, we can work with partners specialized in business development, marketing research or financial control consultancy.

If you have a project, you can reach us by filling our contact form.