One of the activity at Prime United Company is focused on investment, with the mission of investing in promising potential that responds to needs. Working as a kind of venture capital firm, we tend to be active investors by using our insight, expertise and talents at our company. This approach, more valuable than capital only, leads to creativity and innovation: it highly contributes to add precious value to a project, with the aim of delivering a high level of quality and services for the clients.

Our mission is not only playing an active role in the company we invest in, but to have a true positive impact on the quality of life on every community we work with. That open-minded state of mind and attitude conducts us to be respectful with others, and be hunger for learning from different cultures.

That is why beyond the financial aspect, values and ethics are at the core of our actions. Indeed our business approach is based on respect, honesty, transparency and trust. It is essential our partners share that vision of working: we look in fact early entrepreneurs as us and who feel the same.  

Finally the capacity of creating added value from our partners is also determinant. The combination of a strong experience and a strategical marketing policy focused on product will produce the result we look for: a business model able to shrink existing markets and generating revenue for stakeholders. Consequently this winning combination delivers the expected return on investment and ensure a constant position into the market.

Not afraid of investing on young talented companies, that is the major role of an early-investor.