Created in 2008 the activities of Prime United Company are focused on: construction, sport, health and investment. With a team highly experienced and skilled, the company’s expertise meets the clients’ requirements for their projects. The combination of talents and the different academic backgrounds delivers added value for the client’s project: each project is unique and has its own identity. The company is involved in any type of projects. This diversity of challenges, our team work and our motivation to increase the quality of life of people we work for give us the force to provide our best.

Eng. Abdulrahman Alduaij, Chairman

With over 40 years of executive experience in private and public sectors, Mr. Abdulrahman has build a powerful professional network composed of people working in the public and private sectors. Indeed he occupied several key management positions in the State of Kuwait government.

As an active member member of the Technical Office in the prestigious Arab Towns Organization he travels around the world and represents the organization in states held conferences.

Thanks to his involvement as a key shareholder and Chairman at Prime United Company, the company gains strong credibility from a local and international point of view.

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Mr. Osama Albedah, Vice Chairman & Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Osama Albedah has a strong experience in bodybuilding and nutrition supplements. Indeed he won a championship in the 90’s and was selected for an article published in Flex Magazine, a famous one in the bodybuilding world, to present this sport in the MENA region. 

Thanks to his financial and flair for figures skills, he successfully managed business activities with excellent return on investment: 600% and well-known clients portofolio, one of the first to introduce the crepe food on the Kuwaiti market are few examples.

In this context, he joined the Prime United Company’s adventure by being one of the co-founders. With his experience in both bodybuilding and business management, he is logically responsible of the sporting activity development,

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Eng. Ziad Alduaij, Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Mr. Ziad Alduaij capitalizes a professional experience of more than 20 years in private and public sectors. Graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder, with his engineering background he occupied several managing positions successfully: negotiating contracts for $3 billion development value, reduction of overall consultant cost by 40%, more than 100 employees managed.

It is in 2009 that he decided to launch his own company with co-founders. The first step was to create, a premium retail chain of sporting and nutrition supplements. With about $1 million of sales revenue generated since January 2013 and stable results, he decided this is the perfect time to diversify the activities of Prime United Company and consequently to put in evidence his engineering and business management skills.  

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Eng. Moheb Jad Alrab, RED Projects Manager

Mr. Moheb Jad Alrab is a senior specialist in engineering. Indeed with about 30 years of experience he is an expert in project management, steel structures or civil engineering. He also occupied successfully several key management positions in prestigious companies before joining Prime United Company, and worked for both private and public sectors. The most important projects he had to manage represent a global financial budget of about $72 million.

Moreover, he had to manage more than 100 people during his career: his in-depth knowledge in team management and works coordination allow him to manage efficiently any construction project.

His experience and knowledge are approved by many Kuwaiti ministries and also international supervision offices.

Mr. Xavier Lersy, Marketing & Design Manager

Mr. Xavier Lersy obtained in France a master’s degree in marketing. After few years of professional experiences, he decided to go in Kuwait in order to work in a multicultural environment and meet other approaches dealing with business management development.

He has in charge the online and printed communication at Prime United Company, and also the marketing operations for each activity of the company. His creativity and conceptual approach are used for the different projects in order to make each project unique.

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