PLOT 174



A villa with Moroccan inspirations


The moulding along with arches suggest a classic style approach with Moroccan architectural elements.

The basement is ideal to welcome guests: thanks to a diwaniya of about 90 sqm connected to a reception hall of about 200 sqm, the space offered facilitates hosting events.

The outdoor recreational area contributes to welcoming guests and has a water fountain in Moroccan style.

PLOT 174 - Front Elevation - 1280 X 1024.jpg

Development Manager: Prime United Company, LLC

Architectural Design: Prime United Company, LLC

Project Budget: KD 400,000 (USD 1,300,000)

Plot: 750 sqm

PLOT 369 - Side Elevation - 1280 X 1024.jpg

Highlights: grand parlor 14.15 x 13.65m, diwaniya 12.50 x 6.95m, master bedroom 5.10 x 4.10m, master dressing room 5.10 x 2.50, master bath 5.10 x 3.15m

Photos: Prime United Company

Status: project in construction

PLOT 174 - Recreational Area - 1280 X 1024.jpg