Some people have in mind to building a villa, a chalet or a residential complex in order to rent it. Indeed they search for this kind of project as a secure investment. At Prime United Company , we think consider for the private construction project the needs and what the clients like, but also the land itself regarding the ground or the slope. We have a global vision of the project: each room has to be well thought in order to increase the quality of life for its occupants. The entire house or chalet has to liberate a true atmosphere: the right combination of the rooms gives a harmony making the life better. Comfort, practicality are key words here.

Thanks to our expertise, we can propose a modern villa in the middle of green spaces, with access to external terrace and swimming pool. For residential complex, we take into consideration the access for cars and pedestrian zone for the best and easiest displacements.

The interior design reflects what the clients like and has all equipments needed; living rooms, furnished rooms, equipped kitchen, bathroom, utility rooms or bedrooms.

For this kind of individual project, we help the client for building the entire villa and also any construction works such as renovation, the creation of an extension, by respecting regulation and requirements expressed by the client.

During the project, we inform the client for each stage what has been done. We monitor and control that everything complies with our construction planning and meets the deadlines.