In a complex environment it is very important the project matches with local norms and reaches a high level of quality. Thanks to its experienced team, Prime United Company can ensure the management of a construction project from A to Z. Indeed we minimize the client’s risk by assessing, identifying and managing all aspects regarding the project: we use management and planning tools, we control the site construction at each stage of development, we negotiate with local suppliers and subcontractors, we monitor the project meets all security and regulation norms.  

Our approach is unique: our in-depth operational knowledge and fields of expertise allow us to respond to client’s requirements by delivering the right management. This adapted answer can be summarized as follows:

  • project planning: the different stages of the projects are defined with client; the financial budget of the project is also estimated, thus the most critical stages and how to manage them.
  • sourcing and subcontractors: it is essential for us to deliver a high-quality benefits to our clients. That is why we are exigent on how our potential and existing partners work. To ensure this level of quality we want, we control on regular basis the work done. Moreover we negotiate with subcontractors to obtain the best products for the construction project.
  • project monitoring: the engineers of Prime United Company on the site. Pictures are taken and reports are written to guarantee the most efficient monitoring. Thus, these elements are shared between engineers: so they can discuss, do some brainstorming and find the right answers to the project. Moreover this approach is beneficial for client because it enhances the creativity and teamwork.
  • financial optimization: thanks to a strong network of senior financial experts, Prime United Company is able to optimize the financial budget of any kind of construction project. 

For large-scale construction project, our approach ensures the level of confidentiality required for these projects. Indeed we keep as confidential all aspects regarding the project including the financial package. Thus our real-time communication tools facilitate us to share all information with clients. As a consequence each client knows what we do and at which stage of the construction project we are.

During the works, Prime United Company uses all tools and processes to monitor what has been done by local suppliers, in order to meet requirements and having a high level of finishing. The construction services provided deal with sanitaries, plumbing or the electrical part of the project.


Sourcing & Contracting

Thanks to its experience and expertise, Prime United Company puts all tools and processes in place to support the clients on the identification, evaluation and selection of local suppliers,  specialized in the following fields:

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Sanitaries
  • Tiling/Paving
  • Exterior equipment

During the works done by our contractors and local partners, Prime United Company controls on regular basis the respect of local rules and imperatives, but also the quality of the provided work. Indeed we ensure the technical specifications required by the client are correctly respected. Through our effective internal communication, the stages of the project are shared between the Prime United Company staff and client in complete transparency: at any time our client knows the advancement of its project.

In order to increase the use of a building and answer to companies' needs regarding performance, our experienced engineers team can design business offices for example in compliance with the best practices in architecture and construction design.