The combination of Arabian and Modern roots


For this villa located in Abdullah Al-Salem, the adopted conceptual approach is the combination of Arabian and Modern styles. The available space gives enough comfort for the tenants and welcomes guests.

The Dewaniya, Reception and Master Suite are located at the Front Elevation, and a private garden is present at the second floor.

PLOT 16 - Side Elevation - 1280 X 1024.jpg

Development Manager: Prime United Company, LLC

Architectural Design: Prime United Company, LLC

Project Budget: KD 476,000 (USD 1,583,000)

Land Estimated Value: KD 860,000 (USD 2,860,000)

Plot: 1,000 sqm

PLOT 16 - Front Elevation - 1280 X 1024.jpg

Highlights: Master Suite: 101 sqm, Reception and Dewaniya Areas of 141 sqm, Living Space at the Ground Floor is 108 sqm, Roof Garden is 216 sqm, Recreational Space at the Basement is 105 sqm, Service Kitchen of 66 sqm.

Photos: Prime United Company

Status: project in construction

PLOT 16 - Other Side Elevation - 1280 X 1024.jpg