PLOT 369



A villa in compliance with the Kuwaiti culture


Conceived in compliance with the Kuwait culture, the villa provides comfort to its tenant and is functional: a service kitchen and a service elevator are a must for dining time, the diwaniya and reception area at the basement floor are enough spacious to welcome guests, and an exceptional master suite at the ground floor occupies a large space at a primary location.

A little touch of Western approach for the flats at the 1st and 2nd floors was used to explore the entire existing space.

PLOT 369 - Front Elevation - 1280 X 1024.jpg

Development Manager: Prime United Company, LLC

Architectural Design: Prime United Company, LLC

Project Budget: KD 200,000 (USD 650,000)

Plot: 400 sqm

PLOT 369 - Other Zoom View - 1280 X 1024.jpg

Highlights: grand parlor 11.50 x 8.50m, diwaniya 8.80 x 4.35m, master bedroom 5.80 x 4.65m, master dressing room 6.85 x 4.30m, master bath 5.75 x 4.00m

Photos: Prime United Company

Status: project in construction

PLOT 369 - Front Elevation Plans - 1280 X 1024.jpg