PLOT 819



A commercial complex inside a labor compound


Until recently the Public Authorities were not very involved in such labor compound issues. One under the cupola of Public Authorities is the Camp in Subhan Industrial Area. As the Camp welcomes about 3,190 foreign workers, providing a new structure where the workers can forget their conditions and answers to their needs appears as a necessary solution.

Such building requires to adopt a design approach that limits adverse mass effect, the circulation has to be smooth. Regarding the commercial complex itself, shops such as laundry, restaurant or supermarket have to occupy the place and practice affordable prices. The organization of the 11 stores plus extensions and facilities is done carefully: the main stores - in terms of brand awareness - are located at strategical parts of the building and are easily visible from outside and the surrounding roads.

By delivering successfully a complete study, that contains a location and technical analysis, a development and financial analysis, Prime United Company was also able to suggest in the same time the conceptual elevations and draft the preliminary floor plans.

PLOT 819 - Conceptual Elevation - 1280 X 1024.psd.jpg

Study Market lead by: Prime United Company, LLC

Architectural Design: Prime United Company, LLC

Client: PUMC (Public Utilities Management Company)

Build-Up Area: 840 sqm

PLOT 819 - Construction - 1280 X 1024.psd.jpg

Project Budget: KD 130,000 (USD 431,000)

Breakeven level reached within 1 year and a half

Photos: Prime United Company

Status: complete study delivered

PLOT 819 - Floor Plans - 1280 X 1024.psd.jpg