The design of a 15-floors residential tower


For ensuring successfully the design proposal, the main idea is to offer a mix between 2-bedrooms and 3-bedrooms apartments. By this way some apartments can have a private balcony, which can be an added value for tenants.

In order to estimate the feasibility of the apartments’ mix, a preliminary matrix of occupancy rate was drafted. It is helpful for the owner to take decisions.

The Prime United Company’s design proposal, in addition create an added architectural value, takes in consideration the structural elements. This factor is particularly important to deliver an easy access for cars to the parking places located at the basement floor.

PLOT 61 - Conceptual Elevation - 1280 X 1024.psd.jpg

Architectural Design: Prime United Company, LLC

Client: private investor

PLOT 61 - Front Elevation - 1280 X 1024.psd.jpg

Mix of 3-bedrooms and 2-bedrooms apartments

27 apartments in total

Status: design stage completed

PLOT 61 - Top View - 1280 X 1024.psd.jpg